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Concordia Lutheran Church Staff and Leadership


Pastor Mark Moretz has been pastor at Concordia Lutheran Church Hagerstown since June 2018. Pastor Mark started in the grocery business while in high school and advanced into management positions. After a successful career in the Food Industry with Lowes Foods Stores, LLC, Pastor Mark followed his heart into the Ministry. He attended Concordia Seminary where he received a Masters of Divinity degree. As part of the requirements for his Divinity degree, He interned as a Vicar at Hope Lutheran Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Pastor Mark has brought his managerial skills to Concordia where several new programs of ministry have been started and existing ministries enhanced.

Pastor Mark has always been a strong Christian witness. He attended Concordia Lutheran Church while growing up in Conover, North Carolina. Pastor Mark stayed active in the Lutheran Church before entering the Ministry by teaching Bible studies and serving in various Church offices. Along the way he married Janise and they were blessed with three daughters and two sons. Concordia is blessed to have Pastor Mark as their Pastor.

Office: (301) 767-5955 ext. 102

Director of Christian Education - Intern

Hello! My name is Derek Jareske, and 
during this next year, I will be serving
the congregation of Concordia Lutheran
Church, Hagerstown, through my work
as a Director of Christian Education,
Intern. For those who may not know,
although I will be completing many of
the typical responsibilities of a called
DCE, during this internship year, I will
still be a student at Concordia University,
Irvine, who is working to progress in my
future role as a called church worker.
With that in mind, I am hoping to be able
to use this unique experience to grow in
both my experiences and relationships,
specifically within this congregation and
community. In the meantime, let me
share some information about myself,
so as I am working to grow in my
connection efforts, you can work to get
to know me, as well. 
I was raised in a small, rural, town in Nebraska where
I was lucky enough to live, learn, and work for the
first 25+ years of my life. I was raised in a family
of 8 people, and amidst the chaos, I developed a strong appreciation for close family relationships. After going through high school in my hometown, I was able to attend college in that same community and eventually graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Education. With that, though, I believed that God was guiding me toward church work, and so a year after graduating college, I decided to enroll in the Director of Christian Education online certification program through Concordia University, Irvine, California. 
With the stability that I was able to appreciate during my educational endeavors, I was able to remain an active member of my home church congregation throughout my college years. I was raised in the LCMS church, and despite multiple twists and turns along the way, growing in my Christian walk, especially within my childhood congregation, has been a unique and awesome experience. In my free time, I enjoy biking, reading, and exploring new opportunities, especially when it comes to learning. For instance, I am currently attempting to learn how to play the guitar, although I must confess that the progress has been slow going. 
All said, I am excited to dive into the many opportunities here at Concordia Lutheran Church, and I hope that, as we grow to learn more about each other, we are able to serve alongside each other in strong Christian fellowship.

To learn more about Derek visit: Home | Derek Jareske (

Office: (301) 767-5955 ext. 104

Open Arms Preschool Director & Teacher


Office: (301) 767-5955 ext. 101


Rosella Rogers

In this position, I have had the opportunity to use my God given gifts and talents as I am able.I am blessed to be a part of the Concordia family of believers.  It has been very beneficial to help strengthen me in my faith journey. 

Office: (301) 767-5955 ext. 100

Congregational Officers

Pastor: Mark Moretz
President: Jean Tichnell
Vice President: Kathy Enterline
Treasurer: Don Schleef
Recording Secretary: Sylvia Shives
Financial Secretary: Sara Hilmer

Board Chairpersons

Lay Ministry: Don Enterline 
Christian Education: Becky Brown
Church Properties: Lew LaGarde
Parish Fellowship: Karen Meinelschmidt
Public Relations: Ron Bucher
Youth Ministry: Derek Jareske
Evangelism: Carroll Gatling
Caring Ministries: Brenda Horsch


I believe in "leading by example." Joining a committee or project to have your name on the roster is of no help to the other members. Concordia has enabled me to utilize the talents that God has given me to the best of my ability. Working with our Concordia family is a wonderful way to give glory and praise to God for all that He has done and continues to do for us. 
-Jean Tichnell

Board of Elders

To me, being a member of CLC means I am part of a vibrant church where I can serve my Lord in a variety of ways and I have the opportunity to stay strong in my faith as I get older.
In Christ, Don Enterline

Attending Concordia has made it possible to strengthen my spiritual needs and has offered more ways for me to serve the Lord. 
- Fred Tichnell

Attending Concordia Lutheran Church has been important to me for several reasons. It has educated me in many ways through Biblestudies, broadened me socially with so many friendly people, as well as being able to be involved in different aspects of church service. It has also offered a number of ways to increase my service to the Lord through a variety of outreach programs.

In Christ, 
Larry Campbell

I joined Concordia in 2002 when I was looking for an LCMS church when I relocated my family to WV.  Concordia has become family and allows be to nurture my faith and grow spiritually. 

- Gene Diest

It is a great opportunity to grow in faith while helping others. 
- Mark Eberly

I absolutely love my church family. They are one of my many blessings God has given me and I thank God every night for them, along with many more blessings. 
- Jim Gann

I came to Hagerstown years ago knowing only my future wife at the time. We visited Concordia and from the first time we felt at home. We were "mugged" (gifted with a Concordia mug) and began a loving spiritual family relationship with all the Concordia Parishioners spiritually, socially, and serving our Lord.
-Frank Waldron

I belong to CLC becasue I want a church home where Scripture alone, faith alone, and grace alone are believed and put into practice. I support CLC's effort to have an aggressive evangelism program. While being nurtured in my faith, I want to be a member of a congregation that is carrying out the Great Commission. - John Borrelli

Church Phone Extensions

Church Secretary  ext. 100
Open Arms Preschool  ext. 101
Pastor   ext. 102
Financial Secretary  ext. 103
Director of Christian Education                 ext. 104
Head Elder  ext. 153
Church Property  ext. 154 
Treasurer  ext. 155
Parish Education  ext. 156


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